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I am a 24 year old man with a very active lifestyle..gymming is my passion and I love to ride bikes….But last year all my physical activities came to a halt…As a school boy I had come across the proverb, “To hit one’s own feet with an axe” several times, but I had a first hand experience of it only later in life. It all started with a minor argument at home with my parents,but I took it up too seriously and banged my hand against the wall again and again.

Throughout the day my entire hand and shoulder ached I thought it was quite normal as I had banged against the wall. But that night my pain became unbearable and next morning when the pain continued I was worried.

My parents immediately took me to the hospital where the orthoped advised me on doing a MRI.The results showed that I had a labral tear…I had never heard of this was all greek to me…. On asking doctor told me that there was a tear in my shoulder joint.

I had to undergo an immediate surgery. I had never been to the hospital for any major health issue before. The very name of surgery gave me jitters. But thankfully my doctor gave me a lot of hope and confidence . In fact , his counseling and advice made me take the surgery in a very easy manner. He explained that medical science has come a long way and surgery today is not much of a hassle. My doctor’s words,in a way, prepared me mentally for the surgery.

After the surgery I had to put on a belt in my hand to support my shoulder for 24 hours during the first month. It was painful,and much to my discomfort, I had to sleep stiff in the night. Many a times unknowingly in my sleep I would turn and the pain would become unbearable. I was totally dependent on my parents during that time. And gradually all our differences gave way to love and understanding. I had never spent so much time with my parents for a long time. In fact I was able to understand my parents in a better way. Perhaps everything happened so that our relationship takes a new turn. Otherwise I was so engrossed in work that I did not have time for anything. Thus I started finding positives in an otherwise negative situation .

The next month I started wearing the belt only in the daytime. It was a much needed relief because I could sleep in the night without any discomfort. I would sometimes worry if I would be completely healed. My doctor reassured me again and again that it would happen but I had to believe in myself.

After I was off belt,I had to undergo physiotherapy session to give my muscle the much needed exercise. Since two months had passed after the surgery I thought that it will be easy.

But physiotherapy was the most painful part. It was as if my hand had become immobile.Even a slight movement was so painful,it felt as if I was lifting some heavy weight. I wondered if I will ever be back to normal. My spirit started breaking down. Thankfully I was under the guidance of a very good physiotherapist and he gave me a lot of confidence. I began slowly and steadily. The sessions were painful but I soon developed the strength to endure it. Things started getting back to normal. Under the proper guidance of my physiotherapist, slowly I was able to do basic exercises to strengthen my muscles. The physiotherapy sessions lasted for 6 months and my pain started lessening and I was back to normal.

On the last day of my Physiotherapist asked ,” so when are you having your next big argument ?? “…I replied “ Never Again.”…..

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