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This is an account of a mother who fought PCOD for over a year and delivered a baby girl with the help and guidence of her gynecologist

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful feeling that a women experiences. It is the fulfilment of a longing that a woman has from a long period of time. Many women feel that motherhood completes them , as a matter of fact most women want to be a mother; but what if due to certain condition this desire is not fulfilled?
For someone who had been disease free all my life, coming to terms with any kind of health problem came as an unpleasant surprise. Coming to terms with PCOD came as a rude shock to me.

It all started after my marriage when I started putting on weight.I was not too concerned and thought that it was normal to put on weight after a certain age.But later on , I started getting frustuated as I couldnot conceive for a long time. A check up with the gynaecologist revealed that I had PCOD, a condition where cysts develop in the ovaries and ovulation doesn’t occur, so a woman is unable to conceive.

Fortunately, my gynaecologist gave me a lot of hope and confidence. PCOD occurs due to hormone imbalance and with medication, proper diet and exercise can easily be controlled. My doctor also educated me a lot on a balanced diet to control PCOD. I was put on medication and each month I did a follicle test to find out if I was ovulating.

Going for monthly check up, keeping track of my weight  or being so conscious of my diet was not easy for me at all because I was not so serious about my health before. It seemed like a burden to avoid sugar and other refined food. But my doctor made everything seem so easy for me. I used to visit her twice a month and the visit would not just end with talks about medicine and check ups;she also educated me about food and suggested some books which were a total eye opener for me. My doctor changed my entire outlook about health .I was so motivated by her as time passed by that I did everything I could to get rid of the disease without any difficulty. The results became obvious after a while when I started losing weight .I began feeling more energetic and my mood swings becameless and less.My doctor was very happy on seeing the results and a sonography revealed that I started ovulation again and my PCOD was under control. As a matter of fact I even started advising my friend about the various issues regarding women’s health and how to take care of ourself so that we don’t face problems later on.

The medication continued and after a year I gave birth to a healthy girl. But I still follow the advice that my doctor gave me regarding health .I am still very conscious of my diet and my exercise. I am in my 30s now but I feel as energetic as I was in my teens.I  I will always be indebted to my doctor for developing the confidence in me and helping me overcome PCOD with proper councelling and medication.

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